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Home Automation


Your “Smart Home” allows both automatic and manual control of heating, cooling, lighting and other appliances via the internet, whether you are at home or away.

For example, you may wish to switch all the lights in the house off from the bedroom when retiring, or switch on the security system and check CCTV footage whilst on holiday.

Home Automation also allows your home to think for itself. For example, your home will improve energy efficiency by tracking which rooms are used, and when, and automatically adjust the temperature appropriately. According to research conducted by the HDB and the Energy Market Authority, Smart Home Energy Management reduces energy consumption by 20%.

Control also extends to security. Remote control locking eliminates the need for duplicate keys or a key left under the doormat; Window and door sensors, smart cameras, video doorbells, etc., can all be controlled and monitored from wherever you are for your peace of mind; lighting can be set to mimic your typical use whilst you are away as a deterrent to burglars – security floodlights no longer deter thieves, but lighting in the home switching on and off, and curtains drawing, give a genuine impression of occupancy.



Home Automation

Integration & Home Automation

Seamlessly integrate technology into your home. Control systems can combine with audio, video, security, and HVAC. From simple incorporation with a single system to sophisticated high-level integration. reliably and intuitively working with other systems in your home.

Energy Saving

Energy-saving home automation systems make it easy to control everything throughout your home to save energy. We can install discreet occupancy/vacancy sensors to ensure lights and heating are turned off when rooms are unoccupied and using energy-efficient lighting when the room is in use.

Whole House Control

Make the most of an open floor plan or master suite home automation controls. Are you looking for seamless transitions from your bedroom to your landing and family room areas? Home automation control can make your rooms personalised to your lifestyle.

Not Home? Don’t Worry.

When you go out for the day you can let your home system know you’re not home. Your home will change how you want it.– all lights off, all lights on, or anywhere in between. If you’re going away for longer your home system can replay your daily routine – turning the lights on and off, raising and lowering the blinds – as if you were still home a perfect deterrent for thieves.