Linea Light Avery

Product Overview
A high quality oak post with Mini Masthead or Eyelid or both providing a warm wash of light.
The Avery I post is hand crafted from high quality oak and fitted with the bronze Mini Masthead or Eyelid on the front.
The Avery II is fitted with the Mini Masthead to the front and the Eyelid on the rear.
Both provide a warm wash of light to footpaths, driveways and car parks and the Avery II also illuminates flower beds or shrubs behind it. Bronze or Silver light fitting options.


Technical Specification

Source Type - LED
Supply - 350mA driver (not included)
Wattage - Avery I - 1 Watt Avery II - 2 watts
Dimmable - Yes 1-10v or DMX
IP Rating - IP65
Colour - Warm White

Hole cut out diameter – n/a Hole depth – n/a
Series wiring
Compliant with EN605981
Class III
Supplied pre-cabled


Avery I Mini Masthead – AVERYIMAST
Avery I Eyelid – AVERYIEYE
Avery II (Masthead & Eyelid) - AVERYI
Light fitting colours

Bronze – BR
Silver – SIL


LED drivers suitable for this product.