Warp 8w

Linea Light Warp 8w

Product Overview
Warp 8 watt interior LED downlight. A powerful recessed spotlight providing a warm light.
This Italian made fitting has a fixed optic with an anti-glare ring to ensure visual comfort.
Aluminium body with a very thin flange, making this fitting very discreet. Available in a choice of White, Black or Gold colour finishes and a variety of beam angles and light output colours.
Suitable for various downlight applications where more light is required.
Supplied with retaining springs for false ceilings.


Technical Specification

Source type - LED
Colour - White, Black, Gold
Wattage - 8 watts
Supply - 630mA driver (not included)
IP Rating - IP44
Dimmable - Yes 1-10v/DMX

Hole cut out diameter – 65mm
Hole depth – Minimum 10mm
Series wiring
Compliant with EN 605981
Lumens - Warm white 674, Natural 745
CRI - 80
Class III
Supplied pre-cabled

Light output colours
N – Natural white
W – Warm white
M – Super Warm White



Beam angles

These are a selection of suitable LED drivers for this product.