Orluna Nikko

With a square aperture and crisp edges, Nikko is the perfect choice for contemporary architectural settings.

It’s integrated plaster-in plate and deeply recessed light source mean the fitting is barely visible once installed, creating a beautiful lit effect with minimal glare.

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Technical Specification

2700 K

Beam Width:

Medium: 30

Wide: 39

Flood: 42

Wash: 50


3000 K

Beam Width:

Medium: 31

Wide: 40

Flood: 44

Wash: 54


Voltage: 34 V

Drive Current: 300 A

Circuit Power: 11.4 W


White RAL 9010

White RAL 9003

White RAL 9019

Black RAL 9005

Other RAL

Polished Brass

Antique Bronze

Brushed Chrome

Antique Chrome

Polished Copper

Other Metallic

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